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A significant collection of rare, historic and fine examples of early brasses, woodwinds, strings and keyboards, mostly European and American but with some unusually fine ethnic instruments as well.



Wallis, Joseph

Boxwood & Ivory Flute.

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Luristan Bronze Bell


A cast bronze sphericle bell, 4.5"h, with openwork sides and the shape resembling a pomegranate, a center band with button decoration and a tripod decorative element on the base. The bell contains two bronze balls. A custom lucite stand holds the bell from its own suspension lug on the top. It is intact with a nice blue-green patina with some encrustation. Excellent condition.
Luristan bronzes were crafted in the western section of what is now Iran, from the 12th to the 8th centuries B.C. Musical instruments of any kind are quite rare, it being much more common to find artifacts of horse trappings and harness ornaments, jewelry and household articles.
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Rattles- Indian Ankle-rattles (napura)


6' And 7" In Length. Minor erosions in a few places on the larger one, otherwise excellent. With good age, these came from a mid-20th century collection.
Etched brass with bird head and tail at extremities, being the Hindu bird God. Played in pairs, usually by dancers. A cotton cord goes through the bird and attaches around the ankle and the second toe..
We are told that these rattles were used in folk concerts but also by hold men as they entrered the temple, to let the Gods know that they are coming.The
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