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Objets d'Art & Ephemera

Objets d'art and ephemera of musical interest: medallions of composers and performers, miniature violins, conductors' presentation batons, busts of composers, porcelain monkey bands, signed recordings, antique music stands, early metronomes, as well as delightful reminders of composers, violinists, pianists, singers and conductors past which include programs (many signed), contracts, broadsides, menus, advertisements, photographs, etc.

Beer Stein


Antique Stein With Flutist.

Fine condition.
Antique wooden Bohemian beer stein, with a carved figure playing a vertical flute. The figure is at the top of the handle and shows a man seated on a chair playing in front of a small table with bottle and glass. At his base is a brass inlaid saying in Slovenian: "ZAPISKAJ.ZAPISAJ.RUCKI.MI.NESTISKAJ." Although we have been unable to trace this saying, the first words mean "Whistle. Whistle." and the last two words mean "Don't miss me." The elaborately hand-carved handle shows nice detail, with "1854" carved into the mug side. The mug is one piece of wood banded in brass. The diameter of the mug is 4.5"; the total width is 7.5"and the total height is 7".
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Beethoven And Mozart Metal Bookends


C. 7" H. X 5.50" W. At Shoulders. Very good condition.
An amusing pair of heavy bookends - busts of the composers Beethoven and Mozart with painted cravats.
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Beethoven Bronze Bust


Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine

Bronze Bust.

20.5" (52cm) H X 15 ¾"(40cm) W X 12 5/8" (32cm) D. Excellent condition.

Inscription on front at left of base reads:

"Je suis tout de qui est -Tout ce qui a été et tout ce qui sera / Nul homme mortel n’a levé mon voile Beethoven"

Signed "Bourdelle" on lower right of base. "Alexis RudierFondeur Paris" stamped on the back.

According to Michel Dufet, whose catalog raisonné was published in his Le Drame de Beethoven Vécu par Bourdelle, the bust is known as "Beethoven aux Deux mains" and dates from 1908 when it was produced in granite (now in the Bourdelle museum in Paris), in bronze (our version) and again the same year in bronze but as a variant.

The bust we are presenting is one of ten castings.

Provenance:Michael Gerson/Barnett Fine/Herbert Mayer of World House Galleries. Reference:Dufet, Michel: Le Drame de Beethoven Vécu par Bourdelle. Rouen, 1970. See p. 15 and plates 59-62.

ODA-07670(Please Inquire for Price)
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Bell - Ancient Chinese Animal Bell


6.50" H X 4" W X 3" D. Excellent condition with wonderful patina.
The front of the bell has an indentation in which are two figures carved in relief.
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Bellini, Vincenzo - Rare Venetian Broadside With Norma

Bellini, Vincenzo (1801-1835)

Rare Venetian Broadside With Norma.

13.75" H X 16.5" W. On heavy wove paper with decorative border. Waterstained at top and bottom, two holes at top and bottom of center crease, edges frayed with small tears.
An Italian broadside from La Fenice in Venice announcing a production of Bellini's Norma on January 4, 1845. Principals on the roster included Giacomo Roppa as Pollione, Carlo Porto as Oroveso and Antonietta Montenegro as Norma. Following the opera was the Ballo Serio Il Conte Pini choreographed by Paolo Samengo with the lead role performed by Antonio Coppini.
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Bodanzky, Artur - Bohemians Dinner Announcement, Signed

Bodanzky, Artur (1877-1939)

Bohemians Dinner Announcement, Signed "Artur Bodanzky".

Fine condition.
Bodanzky has penned his name across a handsome announcement of a dinner given in his honor by the Bohemians New York Musicians Club at the Hotel Commodore on Dec. 21st, 1930. The announcement shows his portrait surrounded by images from Wagner's operas.
The Viennese conductor, an early Mahlerite, had an extended career at the Metropolitan Opera.
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Britten, Benjamin - Lp Recording Signed By Britten And Kabalevsky

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976)

LP Recording Signed By Britten And Kabalevsky.

Recording of Cello Sonatas: Britten: Sonata in C, Op. 65; Kabalevsky: Sonata in B Flat, Op. 71. Cellists: Apolin, Vectomov. Pianists: Kvapil, Palenicek. Supraphon SUA 10559.

Signed in ink on the back of record jacket Benjamin Britten / 25.12.66 . Signed by Kabalevsky on the front of record jacket: D Kabalevsky - 16.4.67.

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Britten, Benjamin - Signed Program

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976)

Signed Program.

7th March 1956. Total Size In Frame: 16" H X 19" W. Excellent condition.
A program of Bach's "St. Matthew Passion" signed by both Benjamin Britten (playing continuo) and Peter Pears (singing the Evangelist). Custom matted and framed with a beautiful, original black & white studio portrait of Britten and Pears.
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Broadsheet - Concert Programme


Covent Garden, London, September 24, 1863. Encapsulated In Mylar With A Total Measurement Of 20.75" H X 21" W. Slight repairs to center fold, otherwise in fine condition.
A fascinating concert consisting of two parts, the first being all Spohr with his symphony "The Power of Sound" and his Violin Concerto No. 8, with violinist John Tiplady Carrodus. The second half consists of operatic selections all sung with the soprano Carlotta Patti and including selections from Gounod's Faust and Auber's "Laughing Song" from Manon Lescaut.
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Bronze Harpist


Viennese Bronze Figurine Of An Ancient Egyptian Harpist.

8.5" H X 5/8th" W On A Marbled Stand 1/2" H. Good condition.
Stamped H. Müller, most probably Hans Müller.
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Chaliapin Figurine


Trupiansky, Yakov A. (1878-1955)

Porcelain Figurine Of Feodor Chaliapin As Boris Goudunov.

11" (28cim). Flawless condition.
A superb figurine of Chaliapin made by the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in Leningrad. Trupiansky's signature in Cyrillic plus "1922" are impressed in the rim of the base.
The prototype of this exotic figurine was created by Yakov A. Trupiansky in 1922 in what was then called The State Porcelain Factory. The factory, which changed its name in 1925, did not issue any additional casts of the Chaliapin until 1949. Nina Lobanov-Rostovsky's definitive book Revolutionary Ceramics: Soviet Porcelain in 1917-1927, does not list any other image of Chaliapin.The Russian basso Chaliapin (1973-1938), one of the greatest singing-actors of all time, set a standard as Boris to which all subsequent performances have been compared.
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Chopin, Fréderic - Bronze Medallion

Chopin, Fréderic (1810-1849)

Bronze Medallion.

1965. 2" Across. Mint condition in velvet-lined box.
Medallion showing a profile of Chopin in base relief, with a base relief view of the monastery in Valdemosa, Majorca on the verso.
Chopin and his lover George Sand took refuge in the Valdemosa monastery after his tuberculosis aroused fear among the local people. While there Chopin worked on the Preludes, the C# minor Scherzo and the C minor Polonaise Op. 40 No. 2.
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Cigar Box Label


Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924)

Cigar Box Label Depicting Puccini's Madama Butterfly.

Total Measurment Of 12." H. X 13" W. Never used, in pristine condition.
An amusing and charming original Victorian cigarbox label depicting a scene from the opera, decorated with raised gold medals. Handsomely matted in red and gold.
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Clarinet - Miniature


Total Length Is 6.50" (165 Mm). Pristine condition.
A fine and exact miniature in ebony and German silver. Very uncommon.
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Cliburn, Van - Signed Concert Program

Cliburn, Van (1934-2013)

Signed Concert Program.

Philadelphia, December 5, 1971. 9" H X 6" W. Fine condition.
On front of program, Van Cliburn writes: "to Jerry Leonard with great appreciation" and signs his full name. The program held at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, included works for solo piano by Beethoven, Prokofiev, Scriabin and Debussy.
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Double Bass Miniature


Total Length: 9" 0.75" End Pin; Width At Widest Point Of Lower Bout 3.25". Excellent condition (a few places very slightly rubbed on edges).
A fine German four-string to-scale miniature double bass dating from the first half of the 20th century. Spruce top, inlaid purfling, two-piece finely flamed maple back and maple sides. Ebony fittings with brass machinehead tuners.
Miniature double basses are quite uncommon.
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Flagstad, Kirsten - Program Honoring Kirsten Flagstad

Flagstad, Kirsten (1895-1962)

Program Honoring Kirsten Flagstad.

Dec. 8, 1938. 4 Pp. With Cover. Overall condition for a piece of ephemera like this is excellent, even retaining the original tassel; two small stains on verso, nearly imperceptible mark on front cover.
An elegant program of a dinner and concert given by the famed New York musicians' club, "The Bohemians," honoring the Norwegian soprano Kirsten Flagstad. She had given her debut at the Metropolitan Opera in 1935 and was quickly hailed as the foremost Wagnerian soprano of her time. Performers at the event included Ezio Pinza, Rosina and Josef Lhevine, and Elizabeth Rethberg. On the cover are two oval portraits of Flagstad, under which she has neatly penned her name.
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Japanese Bronze Monkey Figurines With Instruments


Finely etched and finished (even on bottoms). One monkey is shown singing, one is playing a drum and the third a samisen (Japanese guitar). Late 19th-century or early 20th century copies of earlier Japanese figurines. Each figurine measures c. 3.5" h x 2.5" w. Excellent condition
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Lur - Bronze Sculpture And Sheet Music


Aagaard, Edward

8.25" H X 6.50" W. Fine condition.
A pair of bronze figurines made by mid-20th-century sculptor Edward Aagaard - two Viking warriors, each playing a lur - a bronze age horn found mainly in northern Europe, primarily in bogs in Denmark. Their age is considered to be 1100-500 B.C. Apparently they were always made in pairs at the same pitch, and in a strange, elongated "S" curve with a flat, pancake-like shape at its end; the two lurer twisted in opposite directions.
Accompanied by a printed piece of music composed in 1930 by Hakon Børresen (1876-1954) who was a Danish composer and conductor who gave lessons to King Frederik IX. "Raadhus-Intrada for Lurer og Orkester." Copenhagen: Samfundet til Udgivelse af Dansk Musik. 5 pp. Piano reduction of a work for 4 lurer and orchestra.
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Majolica Plate


A charming Italian majolica plate in excellent condition. The plate is from the Castelli factory near Naples. Excellent condition. The painting shows four cherubs within a blue drapery-lined interior. One cherub is playing an oboe, reading from an open score. Portions of a horn and a mandolin are seen behind him. The book towards the lower edge bears a mark which probably indicates a member of the large Grue family, the primary ceramicists at Castelli during the late 17th and 18th centuries. Castelli is a small town in the hills of the Abruzzo region where the local deposits of clay encouraged the famed centuries-old tradition of hand-painted ceramics.The rich yellow ground covering the back of the plate is typical higher-end Castelli pottery.
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Melba, Nellie - Velvet Music Case


Rare Item Honoring The One And Only Melba.

15" Long And 2.50" In Width. Despite missing gold foil, the case is in very good condition for something of this sort.
A charming memento of the great Australian singer, being a late 19th-century velvet case for carrying music. The case itself is of cardboard, with gold foil appliqués, or the remains of them, consisting of a portrait of Melba under the handle (surrounded by leaves), two bands near each end and decorative rounds on either end.
This was the property of the Deansboro Music Museum in Deansboro, New York (auctioned in a fund-raiser in 1966). According to them (their provenance is included), the case was originally presented to Dame Nellie Melba by Queen Victoria in the 1870's. Unfortunately, we have no proof of that; it is possible that it was made as a commercial souvenir commemorating the great diva who was immensely popular in England and indeed, was greatly admired by Queen Victoria.
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Metropolian Opera Silk Program


A Much-heralded 1902 Grand Gala.

Feb. 25, 1902. 15.50" H X 12.0" W. Encapsulated In Mylar With A Total Measurement Of 17.25" H X 13"w. Unusually fine condition with original tassels.
A "Gala Performance of Grand Opera in Honor of the Visit of H.R.H. Prince Henry of Prussia" (the younger brother of Kaiser Wilhelm II), with his portrait at the top center. Printed in navy blue on cream silk. The program consisted of whole acts of Lohengrin, Carmen, Aida, Tannhäuser, La traviata and a scene from Massenet's Le Cid. Among the singers were Johanna Gadski, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Andreas Dippel, Edmond de Reske, Emma Calvé, Emma Eames, Louise Homer, Milke Ternina, Ernest van Dyck, Marcella Sembrich, Lucien Breval, Albert Alvarez. One of the three conductors was Walter Damrosch.
According to the Met Archives, Act I of La traviata was not heard that night; when Marcella Sembrich (Violetta) learned that Prince Henry had left the theater, she refused to perform. The receipts for this performance were $52,728.50, whereas most performances during the season took in less than $10,000 each.
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Metropolitan Opera Signed 1925 Program Of Falstaff


La Juive On Verso.

January 2, 1925. 13.5" H X 10" W. Both programs laid down on black album leaf, slightly soiled on verso, otherwise very good condition.
A fabulous, possibly unique souvenir of one of the greatest breakthrough performances in the history of the Met – the night baritone Lawrence Tibbett literally stopped the show with his sensational singing of Ford’s aria in a new production of Verdi’s Falstaff. The entire cast, as well as conductor Tullio Serafin, signed this program centerfold from the performance. In addition to Tibbett, the golden-age cast includes Antonio Scotti (Falstaff), Beniamino Gigli (Fenton), Lucrezia Bori (Mistress Ford), Frances Alda (Nannetta), Marion Telva (Dam Quickly), Kathleen Howard (Mistress Page), Angelo Bada (Caius), Giordano Paltrinieri (Bardolfo) and Adamo Didur (Pistola). Olin Downes’s rave review the next day in the New York Times carried these headlines: “AMERICAN BARITONE STIRS OPERA HOUSE?/?Unprecedented Scene When Lawrence Tibbett Fails to Realize He's Made a Hit /?Gets Roars of Applause?/?"Falstaff" Audience Demands His Appearance After His Bow With Scotti, Singing Title Role”.On the verso is a program centerfold from the Met’s Dec. 12, 1924, performance of Halèvy’s La Juive – the first of this opera at the Met since Enrico Caruso’s dramatic final performance there four years earlier. Conductor Louis Hasselmans and the entire cast signed the page – Florence Easton (Rachel), Giovanni Martinelli (Eleazar), Leon Rothier (Cardinal Brogni), Charlotte Ryan (Princess Eudoxia), Ralph Errolle (Leopold) and, in featured roles, Arnold Gabor, Louis D’Angelo and James Wolfe. In reviewing this performance, the critic for Musical America hailed Martinelli’s assumption of Caruso’s valedictory role, noting that the tenor “met some of the more strenuous exactions of the music with more of certitude than Caruso.” He also noted that “the plaudits for Martinelli after the third act lament were as thunderous as those given Caruso and not in many seasons has he been called so many times before the curtain.”
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Metropolitan Opera Signed 1925 Program Of Falstaff Signed By Tibbett


Bonci Recital On Verso.

January 17, 1925. 10" H X 13.5" W. Laid down on black album leaf but otherwise very good.
Baritone Lawrence Tibbett boldly signed in pencil this program centerfold, for a matinee some two weeks after his performance as Ford in the premiere of a star-studded new production of Verdi’s Falstaff which literally stopped the show and catapulted him to instant stardom. The cast included Antonio Scotti, Beniamino Gigli, Lucrezia Bori and Frances Alda - literally stopped the show and catapulted him to instant stardom.

On the verso is a program from a Manhattan Opera House recital by the legendary Italian tenor Alessandro Bonci – once Caruso’s greatest competition in New York – who signed it “A. Bonci” in the lower right corner.

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Metropolitan Opera Signed 1925 Program Of Moussorgsky's Boris Godunoff


Program Signed By Chaliapin & Most Of Cast. Cornelius's Barbier Von Bagdad On Verso.

Dec. 2, 1925. Total Measurement Of 10" H X 13.50" W. Both programs are laid down on black scrapbook paper, otherwise in good condition (small repaired tear on upper center of the Cornelius).
The legendary Russian bass Feodor Chaliapin returned to the Met in the autumn of 1925 for a run of four performances of Boris Godunoff (sung in Italian), of which this was the second. Virtually the entire cast signed this program centerfold including Chaliapin and Tibbett.

On the verso is a program centerfold from the Dec. 30, 1925 performance of Peter Cornelius’s rarely performed comic opera Der Barbier von Bagdad. Almost the entire cast has signed this page.

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Metropolitan Opera Signed 1926 Program Of Spontini's La Vestale


Signed By The Entire Cast Including Ponselle & Pinza.

Nov 1, 1926. Total Measurement Of 15.50" H X 19" W. Generally fine except for traces on verso of having been laid down and slightly frayed at extreme edges.
Signed by the entire cast which included Rosa Ponselle, Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, Giuseppe De Luca, Ezio Pinza, Margaret Matzenauer and Louis D'Angelo, as well as the conductor Tullio Serafin.
A dazzling array of singers opened the Met's 1926-27 season in one of only a handful of performances in the house's history of Spontini's stately grand opera, which were mounted to showcase the phenomenal artistry of Rosa Ponselle in the role of Giulia. The entire cast and conductor Tullio Serafin signed this program centerfold from the opening-night performance, which featured the Met debut of bass Ezio Pinza in the role of Pontifex Maximus. In his opening night review, W.J. Henderson of the New York Sun noted briefly that Pinza ("a newcomer") "gave promise of being a useful addition to the company."
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Metropolitan Opera Signed 1927 Program Of Aida


Program Signed By Rethberg, Martinelli And Others. Wolf-Ferrari's I Gioielli Della Madonna On Verso.

Jan. 7, 1927. Total Measurement Of 10" H X 13.5" W. Both programs laid down on black album leaf, but overall very good.
Verdi's Aida was prominent in the Met's repertoire in the 1926-27 season, in a revival featuring soprano Elisabeth Rethberg ("who can sing anything beautifully," wrote Samuel Chotzinoff of the New York Post of the Nov. 10, 1926, opening night) in the title role and Giovanni Martinelli as Radames. The cast for the Jan. 7 performance differed slightly from opening night, but with just as much star power. Rethberg and Martinelli led a cast that included Ina Bourskaya (Amneris), Giuseppe Danise (Amonasro) and Léon Rothier (Ramfis), with Tullio Serafin conducting.

On the verso is a program from the Dec. 20, 1926, performance of Wolf-Ferrari's I Gioielli della Madonna, signed by Giovanni Martinelli, who had created the role of Gennaro in the work's Met premiere a year earlier.

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Metropolitan Opera Signed 1928 Program Of Die Aegyptische Helena


La Juive On Verso.

November 6, 1928. Total Measurement Of 10" H X 13.5" W. Both laid down on black album leaf, top of center fold split (also at very top of La Juive), a few chips & small tears; otherwise in good condition.
The first performance in America. Signed by Jeritza, Bodanzky and others.

On verso is Halévy's La Juive signed by Easton, Martinelli, Rothier and others.

A unique souvenir from the opening night of the first Metropolitan Opera production (and North American premiere) of Richard Strauss’s Die aegyptische Helena – a program centerfold for the performance signed by most of the cast and the conductor, Artur Bodanzky. Maria Jeritza, who sang the title role, scrawled “with best wishes” before her signature in the center of the page. Also signing were Rudolf Laubenthal (Menelas), Editha Fleischer (Aithra), Clarence Whitehill (Altair) and Jane Carroll (Da-ud), as well as featured singers Philine Falco, Dorothea Flexer, Charlotte Ryan and Marion Telva (plus an unbilled Mildred Parisette).

On the verso is a program centerfold from the Nov. 3, 1928, performance at the Met of Halevy’s La Juive, the first of the opera’s three performances in the company’s 1928-29 season. In addition to conductor Louis Hasselmans, all five principals in the cast signed – Florence Easton (Rachel), Giovanni Martinelli (Eleazar), Leon Rothier (Cardinal Brogni), Charlotte Ryan (Princess Eudoxia) and Alfio Tedesco (Leopold) – as well as featured singers Millo Picco, William Gustafson, Paolo Ananian and James Wolfe.

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Metropolitan Opera Signed 1929 Program Of Carmen


Program For Tosca On Verso.

Total Measurement Of 16" H X 18.50" W. Matted With Open Window To Show Verso. Both programs are in very good condition except for minor creases & having been laid down on black album leaf paper.
The centerfold program for Bizet's great opera, with surrounding ads, has been signed by Maria Jeritza (Carmen), Giovanni Martinelli (Don José), Ezio Pinza (Escamillo) and Grace Moore (Micaela), as well as conductor Louis Hasselmans and all but one other member of the cast.

On the verso is a centerfold program for Puccini's Tosca, in a Met benefit performance dated Jan. 26, 1929. This one is signed by Maria Jeritza (Tosca), Giovanni Martinelli (Cavaradossi), Antonio Scotti (Scarpia), the rest of the cast and conductor Vincenzo Bellezza.

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Metropolitan Opera Signed 1935 Program Of Gatti-casazza Gala


An Extraordinary Memento Signed By All Participants.

March 19, 1935. In A Decorative Mat With A Total Size Of 18.75" H X 12" W. Excellent condition.
A breathtaking unique moment in operatic history! This gala performance honored Giulio Gatti-Casazza shortly before his retirement after 27 seasons as the Met's general manager. The extended array of performances included excerpts from Lucia di Lammermoor, Otello, Norma, Pagliacci, Manon and Die Walküre. The splendid array of performers included 27 singers and 5 conductors and each has signed. Among the illustrious names are: Giovanni Martinelli, Nina Morgana, Elisabeth Rethberg, Lauritz Melchior, Rosa Ponselle, Gladys Swarthout, Lawrence Tibbett, Lucrezia Bori, Richard Crooks, Giuseppe De Luca, Leon Rothier, Kirsten Flagstad and Friedrich Schorr. The conductors include Giulio Setti, Vincenzo Bellezza, Ettore Panizza, Louis Hasselmans and Artur Bodanzky.
The reviews were, not surprisingly, ecstatic. B. H. Haggin wrote: "last night's gala performance at the Metropolitan provided me, completely unexpectedly, with one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had in a theater."
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Miniature Ivory Gamba


Douglass, John G.

ODA-12452(Please Inquire for Price)
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Monkey Band


Germany, late 19th/early 20th century. Pieces Measure From 4.50" To 7" High. A matched set , all with identical marks. In excellent condition, the only flaws being a miniscule chip on the base of the conductor and a repair to the violinist's bow.
A fine 8-piece group of the famous monkey band figurines, including a trumpet player, a bagpipe player, a drummer, a bassoonist, a violinist, a clarinetist, a horn player and a conductor. Porcelain with enamel, glaze and gilding. Each monkey is on an oval white and gold leaf rococo base, each in 18th-century human dress.
The monkey band, modeled by Johann Joachim Kändler, was introduced by the firm of Meissen in 1753 for the King of Saxony. It was an idea emanating from the contemporary aristocratic craze for monkeys performing human pursuits. It became instantly popular, reproduced by Meissen until the 20th-century and regularly copied by other German porcelain factories.

Individual scans upon request.

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Moore, Grace - Advertising Artifact


Advertising Artifact For Grace Moore Movie.

Fine condition.
Charming piece of ephemera promoting "One Night of Love", the best-known movie, 1934, of Grace Moore, the lovely soprano who sang at the Metropolitan Opera, Covent Garden, etc. and made movies.5" h x 4.5" w.
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Mozart - Brass Medallion


2 1/8" Diameter (57mm). Tiny mark on right side of front and on bottom of verso.
Round brass medallion by Anton Scharff. Has deep, crisp impressions showing Mozart in profile after the famous 1789 Leonard Posch engraving. Verso shows a group of cupids frolicking in the clouds, some playing instruments. Originally struck in 1896 in commemoration of the erection in the Burggarten of the famous Mozart Monument by Viktor Tilger. This is possibly a restrike but very rare nonetheless. Niggl #1431.
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Mozart? - Reverse Painting On Glass


"The Spinet Player".

10" H X 7.50" W (254 Mm X 191 Mm). Except for some abrasions in the main figure, in fine condition for this very fragile medium. The original backing is still present with passepartout binding attaching it to the frame (split along most of top and sides).
A charming and well-executed image of a keyboard player, presumably intended to be Mozart, shown at the keyboard with a vase of flowers on the back of the instrument and two books under his seat. Entitled "The Spinet Player," the figure is surrounded by curtains and a rug, the whole being surrounded by a black and gilt border.

Reverse painting on glass is an art form consisting of applying paint to the backside of a piece of glass.
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Music Box In The Shape Of A Harp


In excellent condition and in fine working order.
Made in India for the Fred Zimbalist Music Box Co. in Cleveland, mid-20th century. This company was one of the foremost music box makers and repairman in the U.S.A. The tune it plays is "Sempre Libra" from Verdi's La Traviata. 16.75" h x 12" w".
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Music Stand


Wood & Metal Conductor's Stand.

American, Early 20th Century. Very good condition.
A music stand particularly suitable for conductor's use, being appropriate for both holding and looking down on large, heavy scores. Oak panels can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to accommodate scores with very large bindings (also therefore good as a dictionary stand). Meant to be used at height of c. 39" but can be lowered to c. 26". Panels together measure 13" h x 22.5" w, with a c. 1" lip. Legs have decorative embossing and are on small wheels.
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Music Stand - English 19th Century


Adjustable From Top Of Desk Measuring 45" H To 62" H. The cross bar of the lyre has a few small, almost unnoticeable imperfections. Small repaired break on one leg.
Charming and delicate music stand with lyre-shaped desk, original in all parts with decorative fruitwood inlays and ebony purfling along outer arms of lyre. Fine brass verticals representing the strings of the lyre and with fruitwood and ebony stripping along three legs of stand.
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Music Stand - French With Candlesticks


Adjustable Desk (from Top Of Desk 46.50" H To 57" H.) Desk Is 17" W And The Drawer Measures 4.50" Deep. In very good condition except for a repair on upper corner of desk and a crack behind desk running horizontally.
A fine French Empire period adjustable music stand. Mahogany with two brass candlesticks and original in all parts. The adjustable stem has a turned and fluted column with brass mounts. Tripod stand has decorative fruitwood banding.
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Musical Image Slide


Slide With 4 Images Of Musicians.

2" H. Sc. X 7" W. Each Circular Image Measures C. 1 3/8" In Diameter. Overall very good except for the last image which has some chipping. With original red buckram binding on all sides; small piece of binding on far right corner missing.
Glass slide made presumably for some kind of projector, showing four colored images of street musicians: a lady playing a tambourine next to a man with a hurdy-gurdy; a flutist and a drummer together with a dog; a horn player with a double-bassist and a hat to collect money; and a lady guitarist with a child dancing and playing the violin.
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Opera - Madame Butterfly Plate


Douglass, John G.

8.50" In Diameter. As new condition.
A commemorative limited-edition bisque plate honoring one of Puccini's most beloved operas - showing Butterfly and Pinkerton embracing. Hand-crafted by Gino Ruggerio in Italy in 1977.1977
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Pochette - Embossed Silver


Approx. 11" Front Scroll To Tip X 1.75" At Widest Point. Excellent condition with clear detail.
A German-silver, baroque-shaped pochette, with an opening between the back and the bottom of the ribs, most likely made in Holland in the 19th-century with lovely embossed decorations on the entire body, fingerboard and tail piece and with a plain scroll. The decorations on the front and back show various scenes and the rest is decorated with floral motifs.
This highly unusual item was most likely used as a holder for a dance card or a fan. We have never seen another like it.
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Rubinstein, Arthur - Deluxe Cd Box Set -

Rubinstein, Arthur

Deluxe CD Box Set - "The Arthur Rubinstein Collection".

1999. Box in excellent condition with only very slight sunning. Mint condition discs and booklets.
Released by RCA in 1999, this out-of-print, limited edition set was produced with the cooperation of Artur Rubinstein's family. The remastering of the discs was overseen by some of Rubinstein's original producers. It contains 94 discs in 82 volumes in a beautiful box of woven grey silk embossed with an elegant line drawing of Rubinstein. The discs themselves are each encased in a glossy hardcover CD booklet with new liner notes and photographs. A specially-commissioned, deluxe 376-page book accompanies the set, with extensive archival photographs and bespoke essays about Artur Rubinstein from his son, his producers, and some of his musical peers, including Daniel Barenboim, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, Zubin Mehta and Arnold Steinhardt. A truly extraordinary undertaking in the history of recorded sound.
Considered possibly the greatest Chopin interpreter of his time - the New York Times wrote, "Chopin was his specialty ... it was [as] a Chopinist that he was considered by many without peer." - the Polish pianist and child prodigy Artur Rubinstein made his debut at the age of 7 and performed in public for almost 70 years.

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Shostakovich, Dmitri - Signed Concert Program

Shostakovich, Dmitri (1906-1975)

Signed Concert Program.

Oct. 24, 1959. Small Octavo. Mint condition.
A concert program of the National Symphony in Washington D.C. with works by Shostakovich (Symphony N. 10), Villa Lobos, Kabalevsky (Piano Concerto No. 3) and Barber. Signed by Shostakovich, Kabalevsky and the conductor Howard Mitchell, as well as the pianist Abbott Lee Ruskin who has also inscribed the program "To Donn Purvis".
The program was a "Salute to the Cultural Exchange Program" and marked "the opening of the 30-day tour of the United States by this distinguished delegation of musical figures from the U.S.S.R."
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Shostakovich, Dmitri - Signed Lp

Shostakovich, Dmitri (1906-1975)

Signed LP.

Condition of both record and jacket is fine.
Shostakovich performs his own Eight Preludes and Fugues from Op. 89, for piano. Russian LP. Signed boldly on the cover by Shostakovich, dated May 15, 1968.
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Snuff Box


3" In Diameter; 5/8" H. Overall in very good condition except for one crack on the inside of the lid and a few knicks here and there mainly on the edges of the bottom.
Antique snuff box made of horn, with a carved depiction of a section of a Hogarth engraving. It shows a portion of one of Hogarth's most famous musical images, the 1732 engraving, "A Chorus of Singers," which portrays a rehearsal of William Defesch's oratorio Judith in rehearsal.
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Tchaikovsky - Bronze Medallion


2.50" In Diameter. Excellent condition with very defined image.
Beautifully-engraved profile image of the Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) with a facsimile of his signature underneath. On the back is an image of a woman playing what appears to be the strings of a harp-like instrument, with writing in Cyrillic.
The medallion was issued for the 125th anniversary of Tchaikovsky's birth.
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Toscanini First Day Cover


Italian First-day Cover Issued In 1967 For The Great Conductor's Centennial.

Excellent condition.EPH-10024$75
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Union Ball


Fund-Raising Concert Announcement.

Sept. 11th, 1861. Total Measurment In Mat 13.75" X 11". Fine.
A charming announcement for a fund-raising ball supporting the Union cause in the Civil War. Decoratively matted in red, white and blue in a four-layered mat.
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Verdi - Cigar Box Label


A Scene From Verdi's Rigoletto.

Total Measurement Of 11.5" X 13". Never used, in pristine condition.
An amusing and charming original cigarbox label depicting a scene from the opera, decorated with raised gold medals. Handsomely matted in maroon suede.
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