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Collaert, Adriaen (1560-1618)

Flemish, c. 1590. Total size in mat: 15" h x 18" w. In excellent condition. Trimmed to image.
This Encomium Musices plate depicts David playing his harp before Saul, who arches back on his throne in the throes of a fit. Concerned onlookers surround and support the monarch as a dog observes the scene from the lower left-hand corner. The print was engraved by Adriaen Collaert after an image by Jan van der Straet.
The Encomium Musices, or Eulogy of Music, is an extraordinary set of eighteen engravings that represents a seminal development in musical iconography. Each print depicts a scene with a musical subject from the Holy Scriptures and provides valuable information about the costumes, instruments, and performance practices of the late sixteenth century. The set was published by Philips Galle in collaboration with his son-in-law, noted printmaker Adriaen Collaert, and the draughtsman Jan van der Straet.

Complete sets of the Encomium are exceedingly rare on the market and individual plates are highly sought after by collectors.

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