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van Ostade, Adriaen (1610-1685)

A singer with violinist.

J. Gapper, London, c. 1769. Total size in mat: 12" h x 11" w (30.5 cm x 28 cm). Total size of print: 6.25" h x 5" w (16.5 cm x 13 cm). In very good condition. Professional repair to minor tear at bottom left corner. Trimmed just beyond plate edge at top, left, and right; trimmed to plate edge at bottom.
A mezzotint etching after an original etching by seventeenth-century Dutch artist Adriaen van Ostade. A woman in modest dress sings from a score at a small table as a violinist peers over her shoulder to play along. A merry-looking man with feathered hat, pipe, and drink sits and sings across from her, his coat buttons undone around his large belly.
Adriaen van Ostade was a Haarlem-based artist and painter of genre works (scenes from everyday life). The original etching on which this mezzotint is based is entitled Vioolspeler en een zingende man en vrouw, or Violin player and a singing man and woman, and was produced in the early 1650s.
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