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T. Gillard, London, June 1827. Total size in mat: 18" h x 15" w (45.5 cm x 38 cm). The image is in excellent condition, but the caption, which has been detached and matted in a separate window, is trimmed at the margins so that the attribution and publisher information are missing. The mat also conceals the caption's bottom-most line: Dish me! If I sha'nt be in a nice mess before I get to Joy's!! Despite this, it is a clean print with a nice presentation.
A nicely hand-colored aquatint published by Gillard and captioned: The Opera over! Or, "The Last Man." Sans Coach--Sans Cloak--Sans Every thing!!

A dapper operagoer exits the King's Theatre, Haymarket, into a miserable rainy night. He clutches his scarf as he tiptoes with very fine bowed shoes into a stream of water, his gloves falling behind him and water gushing from the arch above onto his top hat. In the background a boy stands with lighted torch, evidently asleep, and a little dog plays beneath the arch. On either side of the arch are plastered two comic broadsides reading: Chelsea Watermain Always Charged and Madame Pasta's Benefit Night.

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