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Morley, Glen Stewart (1912-1996)

1950. Total size in mat: 12" h x 15.5" w. In excellent condition.
An amusing print depicting an anthropomorphized triangle staring anxiously at a score of interminable rests, in meters like 17/8 and 13/4, with a single thirty-second note marked Solo waiting for him halfway down the page. In humorous reference to the many measures he must count before his big moment, the triangle stands atop copies of Higher Mathematics and The Count of Monte Cristo while he punches numbers into a cash register and his mallet moves the beads of a stringed abacus strung high above his head. His long nose mimics the shape of his three-sided body and the imposing music before him is aptly composed by a Suffryn Katz. A delightful image that is sure to resonate with all orchestral percussionists.
Glen Stewart Morley (1912-1936) was a Canadian cellist, composer, and conductor who was also well known as a caricaturist of musical subjects.
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