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Clock, Nicolaes Jansz (1576-1602)


Haarlem, Netherlands, 1596. Total size of print: 10" h x 7" w (25.4cm x 18cm). Total size in mat: 16" h x 13" w (c.40cm x 7). Trimmed to the plate. Overall in fine condition, except for a small abbrasion on the subject's cape, and two very small professionally repaired tears on left and right margins.
A fine decoratively-matted engraving of Auditus, representing "hearing", after a painting by Hendrick Goltzius. The second of a five-part series published by Petrus Overraat entitled De vijf zintuigen, or The five senses.

Auditus is shown holding a lute as she walks toward the viewer, additional instruments at her feet and two deer beind her. (Deer are frequent companions of Auditus, appearing in many contemporary prints of which she is the main subject.) Latin text at bottom.

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