VIOLIN - CARICATURE - Music Teacher.Enlarge Image VIOLIN - CARICATURE - Music Teacher.VIOLIN - CARICATURE - Music Teacher.


Music Teacher.

Total size in mat: 13" h x 10.5" w (32.5 cm x 26.5 cm). Overall very good condition with some toning and a small spot near top of image, not affecting image at all.
Delightful colored caricature of a violinist entitled Music Teacher with a funny ditty attached, reading:

Simpering jackass! Flat, not sharp; - Teacher of fiddle and jewsharp - No old maestro you understand, - But discord's notes you hold in hand. - You claim to own a Stradivarius, - And also a real Guenarius. - The orchestra makes you its butt, - Drawer of horse tail o'er cat's gut.

Formerly in the collection of the Paris violin dealer Emil Fran├žais.
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