Eberl, Anton (1765-1808)

Piano Variations, Eberl Op. 6 (1794), Variations on a theme by Ignaz Umlauf, (Mozart K. Anhang 287), "Air with Variations for the Piano Forte. Composed by W.A. Mozart. No. [16]"

Broderip & Wilkinson: London, [1798-1808]. Folio. 7 pp. Disbound. Incomplete pencilled drawing on blank leaf between title page and music, otherwise very good - a clean crisp impression.
Because of the popularity of the name "Mozart," it was not uncommon for works of other composers to be published widely under Mozart's name. Anton Eberl (1765-1808), one of the most frequent victims of these misattributions, was a Viennese pianist and composer (possibly a student of Mozart's), and is known to have been a friend of Mozart. These attributions perhaps came about because Mozart used some of Eberl's music in his teaching. Both Eberl himself and Mozart's widow, Constanze, made public announcements to try to correct the record, but publishers paid little attention, continuing to publish and republish these works under Mozart's name.