Rossini, Gioacchino (1792-1868)

Moïse in Egypte, Opera de Rossini Arrangé en Quatuors Pour Flûte, Violon, Alto & Basse. Par Vt. Gambaro. [1, 2e, 3, ] Partie

Vt. Gambaro, arr. Gambaro, au Magazine du Musique: Paris, [after 1818]. Pl.n: 405/405 D./405 T. Folio. 10/11/15+11/10/11+11/9/11+10/8/11 pp. Modern gray buckram bindings for each part. Impression somewhat faint in some places but still clearly readable, some pages reinforced, occasional offprinting/bleedthrough, otherwise very good.
Complete set of four parts, each with title page.