Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827)

String Quartet, Op. 127, Grand Quatuor pour deux Violons, Alto et Violoncelle Composé et Dédié à Son. Altesse Monseigneur le Prince Nicolas de Galitzin Lieutenant-Colonel de la Garde de S.M.J. de toutes les Russies...Oeuv. 127

Schott: Paris, [1826]. first edition. Folio. 13 + 12 + 11 + 11 pp. Disbound. Crayon performance markings in first violin and cello parts, foxing throughout, otherwise very good.
Complete set of four parts. The violin part has a label pasted over the publisher's name, but Schott/Paris is unobscured on the title pages of the other parts. The viola exhibits a different price, stamped "12f.", instead of the engraved "9f." of the other parts.

This is a Parisian edition issued simultaneously with the Mainz edition (though the Parisian imprint lacks the plate number, 2351). The Mainz edition was also re-issued with the addition of "à Paris rue de Bourbon No 17," but the lack of plate number demonstrates that this is the Parisian printing of the first edition.