Viotti, Giovanni Battista (1755-1824) and Nicholas Joseph HÜLLMANDEL (1789-1850), arr.

Violin Concertos (White I: 10, 14, 12), arranged (White Ia: 11),"Viotti's Grand Concerto in Bb: arranged for the Piano Forte (with or without the additional keys) with Accompaniments for Two Violins, Oboe, Corni, Alto & Violoncello, by Mr. Hullmandel"

Rt. Birchall: London, [1803]. Pl.n: "Viottis Conto.". first edition in this arrangement. Folio. 17 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 4 pp. Umbound, held together with original thread. Title page partially detached with one small repaired tear, otherwise very good with untrimmed margins.
Piano part and six separate parts. The 10733 usical text includes numerous alternate readings for pianos without the "additional keys." This is a rare edition - only one known copy is listed in RISM (H7811, GB-Lbm).