Mozart, W.A. (1756-1791)

String Quartets arr. from K521, 497, 564, "Trois Quatuors pour deux Violons, Alto et Violoncelle, composés par Mr. Mozart, Oeuvre 32me"

André: Offenbach am Main, [1793]. Pl.n: 591. first edition in this arrangement. Folio. 15+15+11+11 pp. All title pages but viola detached, violin title page soiled and with remains of a page pasted along the length of its left side, bleed-through in some spots, otherwise good.
Complete set of parts. These quartets are arrangements of the two Piano Sonatas for four Hands K521 and K497, and Piano Trio K564. The last page of the first violin part has a cute manuscript correction tipped in.