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Veroli (?) & Rome, 1854-'56. Oblong quarto. Ink on heavy stock. Drouet: titlepage + 3 blanks + 15 pp. Esercizi: titlepage + 52 pp. Boards with decorative paper wraps and vellum spine. Small stain on front cover which is also slightly warped; otherwise in fine condition.
A charming manuscript with beautiful penmanship. The titlepage of the Drouet method [Louis-François-Philippe Drouet's Méthode Pour La Flûte, first issued in 1828], is inscribed at the bottom: Per uso di Francesco Quattrociocchi Branca. Anno 1854. The titlepage of the Esercizi is similarly inscribed, also stating that Branca is a Dilettante di Flauto. Sotto la Scorta Del Sig. Cesare Tabanelli, Maestro di Musica in Veroli, from which we can assume that Branca's teacher Tabanelli is also the composer. The Esercizi are followed by 2pp. of musical notation, possibly in another hand.
The volume has two bookmarks at the front, one of which being that of the Finnish composer Erkki Melartin (1875-1937).
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