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Bartlett, Daniel

Concord, NH, 1844. Length: 21.75" h (55.2 cm). Width: 11.75"(29.8 cm). Depth: 5" with bellows closed (12.7 cm). Measurement of case: length, 23.5" (59.7 cm); 13" (33 cm),width; height 7" (17.8 cm). Overall in unusally good condition for this kind of instrument with only one stuck button & 3 missing ebony soundhole rings. Needs reed & spring adjustments. Original embossed bellows.
A rocking melodeon, also known as a lap organ and an elbow organ, stamped on nickel plate near swell lever: "D. BARTLETT / MANUFACTURER / CONCORD N.H." Mahogany with flamed maple plates, eight horn-rimmed soundholes (three rims missing), 4-octave chromatic range with large ivory buttons and wood plate indicating the notes. The lid of the outer box is lined with an advertisement which is a pretty amazing document relating to the formation of the new company, seeking investors, mentioning winning several medals for their instruments, etc. and which wonderfully includes a handwritten note in pencil saying that the instrument was bought in 1844 by J. L. Thomas in New Bedford (repeated boldly on side of lid).
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