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Antique Stein with Flutist

Fine condition.
Antique wooden Bohemian beer stein, with a carved figure playing a vertical flute. The figure is at the top of the handle and shows a man seated on a chair playing a fipple flute in front of a small table with bottle and glass. At his base is a brass inlaid saying in Slovenian: "ZAPISKAJ.ZAPISAJ.RUCKI.MI.NESTISKAJ." Although we have been unable to trace this old saying, the first words mean "Whistle. Whistle" and the last two words mean something like "Don't miss me". The elaborately hand-carved handle shows nice detail, with "1854" carved into the mug side. The mug is one piece of wood banded in brass. The diameter of the mug is 4.5"; the total width is 7.5"and the total height is 7".
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