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Schauseil, Wally (1860-1951)

Album Leaf with Sentiments Signed

"Wally Schauseil". To "Mimi" (Marya Freund). Breslau, February 12, 1895. 1 p. of album leaf. In German. In excellent condition.
The German concert soprano signs an album leaf for Polish soprano Marya Freund, offering sentiments about their relationship and a joint performance that evening: We renew our friendship, and I hope only for the best. Remember that, dear Mimi, my colleague tonight and tomorrow night.
Wally Schauseil sang extensively throughout Germany in the closing decades of the nineteenth century, becoming a favorite of Johannes Brahms and Max Bruch. She was especially successful in oratorio and praised for her interpretations of Bach, Handel, and Haydn. Despite her popularity, Schauseil gave up performing at age 30 and devoted herself to teaching for the remainder of her career.

Marya Freund (1876-1966) was the champion of a broad early-twentieth-century repertoire. She is best remembered today for her working collaborations with Schoenberg, Poulenc, Satie, and Les Six, among others.

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