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Henschel, Sir George (1850-1934)


"George Henschel" and "Lillian B. Henschel". London, 1892. 1 p. (4.5" h x 6" w). A small album leaf in excellent condition.
Pianist-baritone George Henschel and soprano Lillian Bailey Henschel, the popular husband and wife duo who were fixtures in Brahms' circle, sign a small album leaf in 1892. The couple also marks other significant dates in their lives and careers, in one case humorously so.

George signs first and notes his birth year (1850). Beneath his signature he writes the date and place of his debut concert (Oct 31. 62, Meser's Concert Saal Berlin) and draws a connecting line to the date and place of his signing this leaf (92 St. James's Hall London).

Lillian signs below and indicates the same dates, likewise writing beneath the latter St. James Hall, London. Beneath the former date, however, she cheekily records Cradle, Columbus (she was born in Columbus, Ohio), indicating that she was yet a baby in her cradle when her husband made his debut.

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