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Onslow, George (1784-1853)

Autograph Manuscript

n.d. One side of a small oblong sheet with hand-drawn staves. Excellent condition (vertical fold).
A scarce correction sheet in Onslow's hand for the Quintet in G minor, Op. 72 (No. 28) and the Quintet in A major, Op. 75 (No. 31), likely provided for the publishing of both works in 1849. Onslow indicates "measures to correct" in the upper right-hand corner and clearly writes each correction inside double bar lines with corresponding page and measure numbers below.
George Onslow was a French musician of English descent, and although he wrote some large-scale vocal and symphonic works, he was an especially adept and prolific composer of chamber music. In the final years of his career he gravitated toward large string ensembles; the quintets represented on this correction sheet, both for two violins, viola, and two cellos, are two of five for such groupings that Onslow published in 1849.
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