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MacDowell, Edward (1860-1908)

Autograph Musical Quotation

New York, July 30, [no year]. 4" h x 9.50" w. 1 p. Condition is fine, with 2 folds.
The important American composer and pianist sketches a four-bar quotation of the second theme from the first movement of his Piano Sonata No. 3 and titles it 2. Theme Sonata with the date July 30. His wife, pianist Marian MacDowell, has also written in the bottom right-hand corner: Manuscript sketch of Edward MacDowell (Marian MacDowell Jan. 29.1910. New York. MacDowell quotes are extremely rare.

There are some crossings out in the first, second, and fourth measures to correct rhythmic errors; these also seem to be in the hand of Edward MacDowell.

Edward MacDowell was the first Professor of Music at Columbia University and was invited by Columbia's President, Seth Low, to establish the Music Department. MacDowell and his wife also founded the famous MacDowell Colony by deeding their farm to become a multidisciplinary artists' retreat that continues to this day. MacDowell is best known for his Second Piano Concerto and his piano suites New England Idylls and Woodland Sketches, Sea Pieces, which includes his most popular short piece, "To a Wild Rose".
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