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Suzuki, Shinichi (1898-1998)

Typed Letter Signed

"Shinichi Suzuki". To Anna Lee Wurlitzer. February 10, 1977. 1 p. In excellent condition. Typical folds; verso with note in blue ballpoint.
The great pedagogue writes about a contract extension for a 3/4 size Vuillaume violin for a very adorable reason: I am afraid that it may be too late to ask such a favor at this time, but is there any possibility that you would renew this contract for another year? This would be most helpful simply because Tomoko did not grow as quickly as we expected, and she is still incapable of using a full-sized instrument.

Suzuki autographs are quite uncommon and this is a particularly nice example.

Shinichi Suzuki was the creator of the Suzuki Method: a music curriculum and teaching philosophy that promoted children's music education through early introduction, incremental progression, the avoidance of auditions, and learning by ear. As evidenced by this letter, Suzuki also believed that even preschool-aged children could learn to play an instrument, given they could use instruments scaled to their small bodies.

Anna Lee Wurlitzer was the wife of noted violin dealer Rembert Wurlitzer. After his death in 1959, she continued the firm until 1975.

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