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HalÚvy, Jacques-Fromenthal (1799-1862)

Autograph Letter

, signed "F Halevy". "Sunday". 6" h x 4" w. One page with integral address leaf. Fine condition. With translation.
Letter to Monsieur Severin at the Royal Italian Theater expressing regret for not "joining you this morning. If you decide something I should know without delay, please instruct me. Otherwise Mr. Habaneck, who I will see tonight, will keep me up to date....".
HalÚvy was a prolific opera composer, whose masterpiece was La Juive. Although undated, one assumes that this letter was written during the time HalÚvy was the "chef du chant" at the ThÚatre-Italien, from 1826 to 1829. The conductor Francois-Antoine Habeneck (1781-1849) founded the Orchestre de la SociÚtÚ des Concerts du Conservatoire and is especially noted for having introduced Beethoven's symphonies in France, including the first performance of Symphony No. 9 in Paris.
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