Mozart, W.A. (1756-1791)

Piano Pieces for Two and Four hands, K394, 401, 426, 501, 521 & 608, "Oeuvres de Mozart. Cahier VIII...VI Pièces pour le Pianoforte, à deux et à quatre mains par W.A. Mozart"

Breitkopf & Härtel: Leipzig, [1800]. Pl.n: VIII. Oblong folio. 97 pp. Original paper covers. Water stains on upper right of all pages, mold spots on upper corners of some internal pages, mixed variety of paper colors from bluish to yellowish, otherwise very good.
Includes series title page with vignette.


K394, Fantasy and Fuge for piano two hands
K608, Organ Piece for a Musical Clock, arr. for piano four hands
K501, Five Variations on an Andante for piano four hands
K521, Sonata for piano four hands
K401, Fugue Fragment for piano four hands (completed by Stadler)
K426, Fugue for two pianos