Hummel, Johann N. (1778-1837)

Twelve Select Overtures of Beethoven, Cherubini, Gluck, Mozart, &c. Arranged for the Piano Forte, with Accompaniments, of Violin, Flute & Violoncello, by J.N. Hummel, Maitre de Chapelle to the Duke of Saxe Weimar. No. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

T. Boosey & Co.: London, [after 1817-22]. Pl.n: n.p.n. Folio. All parts have marbled boards; piano part has leather spine with gold blind stamp decoration. Fine.
Piano, violin & cello parts (no flute). Title pages in piano part only.


1. Beethoven, Overture to Prometheus, 7+3+3 pp. (watermark "1817")
2. Mozart, Overture to Zauberflöte, 7+3+3 pp. (watermarks "1817" & "1822")
3. Cherubini, Overture to Lodoiska, 9+3+3 pp. (watermark "1822")
4. Mozart, Overture to Figaro, 9+3+2 pp. (watermark "1822")
5. Gluck, Overture to Iphigenia, 9+3+2 pp. (watermark "1822")
6. Himmel, Original Overture, 10+4+2 pp. (watermark "1817")

The piano part is musically complete by itself (the title pages all read: "The above overtures may be had without the Accompaniments."). Given the writing in the violin part, the arrangement appears playable in any combination of the accompanying instruments with the piano. This is an extremely attractive and nicely bound example of an unjustly neglected repertory.