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Hindemith, Paul (1895-1963)

Autograph Letter Signed

"Paul Hindemith". To Siegmund Levarie. New Haven, October 18, 1940. 1 p. In English. With original envelope. In excellent condition.
Writing in response to music scholar Siegmund Levarie, Hindemith recommends two of his own works for an upcoming concert: The Associated Music Publishers in New York have two short choral pieces of mine, one for female chorus…the other (which is probably more convenient for your purposes) "Old Irish Air" for mixed chorus, string orchestra, and harp (or piano); not difficult, pleasant, and takes about 4 minutes.
Hindemith was uncharacteristically depressed for much of 1940: he gave up performing on the viola and reluctantly fled Switzerland for the United States in February because of the escalating war. It was not until Yale invited him to give a series of guest lectures in the fall that Hindemith began to brighten up. The success of the appointment was so decided, and his enthusiasm for it so great, that he was offered a permanent position in January 1941.

Levarie, who was Viennese, was also relatively new to the United States at the time of this letter, having immigrated in 1938 to become the Director of Concerts at the University of Chicago. During his fourteen-year tenure, he would become an active figure in the city's music scene and befriend some of the foremost musicians of the day.

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