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Moscheles, Ignaz (1794-1870)

Autograph Letter Signed

"I. Moscheles". 12vo. 1 p., folded into envelope. Fine.
A nice little letter with remains of original seal. To Clara Novello, an acclaimed soprano and a daughter of Vincent Novello, a musician and music publisher."My Dear Miss Clara, I know how kind and polite you are towards distinguished talents, therefore I ask you if you would send 2 tickets for your concert to the brothers Ganz, eminent Professors attached to the Chapell [sic] Music of the King of Prussia. They arrived a few days ago and stay at Taurnay's [?] Hotel, Leisceter Square. If you can comply with my request, the bearer can take the tickets to these gentlemen, or you might send them at your convenience.

I should be glad to hear if your band will be sufficiently complete so that I may venture to play tomorrow my concerto in g minor."

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